Lieven Musschoot & Cas Moor

Design that tells a story

Design that
tells a story

Belgian design duo Lieven Musschoot and Cas Moor launched Moony with Greenmood in 2021.

Lieven graduated in Interior Architecture from the St. Lucas Hogeschool in Ghent. In 2009, he opened his own design studio for Product Design and Interior Development. Lieven got his first big break designing for the restaurant sector, thanks to his ability in creating the right atmosphere, whilst ensuring the utmost functionality. 

Cas graduated with a Bachelor's in Interior Architecture and Master's in Autonomous Design in 2015. Before completing his studies, Cas already worked as an independent designer for various companies thanks to his personal approach to design. 

Of his creation process, Cas says: "Rather than designing a product for specific functions or requirements, the product arises from the material, technique or from experimentation, resulting in 'honest' products where material and craftsmanship not only serve the form but also tell a story."

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