Eye-catching design options

design options

Angled Pillars is a series of three-dimensional moss-covered blocks that can be attached to interior walls.

The blocks play on perceptions and treat visitors to a nature-inspired optical illusion. The Angled Pillars add a three-dimensional dynamic to an interior wall which creates both visual interest and acoustic appeal. 

Mix and match the Angled Pillars series with the Pillars series to add even more interest to a space.

Natural compositions
playing on perceptions

The moss-covered blocks are perfect for sizeable spaces including lobbies, hallways, open-plan offices, waiting rooms, and exhibition areas, etc.

They dampen sound, inspire relaxation, and form a seamless natural composition to improve any corporate environment. 

The curving part of the block is covered with moss which is a natural sound absorber. These acoustic properties reduce the sharpness of sounds, thereby creating a more harmonious atmosphere conducive to focus and calmness.

Natural compositions playing on perceptions

Customization options

Frame Powder Coatings

Matte Black
Matte Black
Matte White
Matte White


Reindeer Moss
Reindeer Moss
Ball Moss
Ball Moss

Reindeer Moss Colors

Enjoy natural acoustic benefits

Enjoy natural
acoustic benefits

Once placed in a corporate environment, this products help to smooth ambient noise and reduce overall sound in an interior to acceptable decibel levels.

Natural preserved mosses provide undeniable sound-reducing qualities which were tested by a certified laboratory in Belgium.

Absorb sound
Soothe the mind
Ease the spirit

The secret to a well-balanced corporate interior is not just in how it looks and functions but also in how it sounds. Noise pollution in working places results in poor concentration, reduced levels of collaboration, increased stress, discomfort...

The solution is to reduce this ambient noise for the benefit of management, employees, and visiting customers and clients. Our products at Greenmood are specifically designed to absorb sound, the natural way. All products are made using preserved mosses, with acoustic benefits at the forefront of their creation. 

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